Benefits Of Using A Cloud Hosting Server For Your Website

What is a cloud server, and how does it work?

A cloud server, also known as a virtual server, is a non-physical server that runs in a cloud computing environment. This type of server is built, hosted, and delivered through a cloud computing platform via the Internet. The beauty about cloud servers is they allow for remote access and are able to function as independent units, thanks to the fact that they are built with all the software they require to run.

What is the cloud?

The term cloud is used in the computing world to refer to two or more servers connected to the Internet that one can hire as part of an application or software service. Some of the services offered through the cloud include data hosting and sharing, web hosting, and application or software use.

This term can also be used in referring to cloud computing, which is a situation where several servers are connected together, lighten the load that one server was meant to carry. In such a situation, complex processes are shared between several smaller computers, therefore, eliminating the need to use one single powerful machine.

One of the benefits that cloud storage offers is that many resources, also known as federated storage clouds, are available and even though they are distributed, all of them act as one. Because of the distribution of data, the cloud is able to tolerate faults. Other than that, the cloud allows for shared access to data, files, and documents, therefore, reducing the need to create different versions of files.

Benefits of a cloud server

One of the benefits of a cloud server is it makes it possible to isolate any software issues from your environment. This means that if you are using it, you get to enjoy stability and security. If there is a software problem in other cloud servers, the issue won’t affect your cloud server and vice versa. Unlike with physical servers, if a user in the cloud overloads their server, your server will not be affected. Because they are fast, secure, stable, and virtual, the hardware issues that affect physical servers won’t be experienced by cloud ones, therefore, making them the best option for organisations that want to manage their IT budget.

You get value for money with cloud servers thanks to their faster service. This is because cloud servers offer faster services and more resources than physical servers of a similar price. For this reason, your website will run faster if it is hosted on a cloud-based platform.

Scalability is easy with cloud servers. If you want to upgrade your system, you can easily do this by adding disk space and memory. This is much more affordable than when upgrading physical servers.

Benefits of cloud hosting business website

Flexible Pricing Structure

Cloud hosting server has a cost structure that is more flexible than other styles of hosting. With a majority of other styles, you are required to pay monthly subscriptions whether or not you will utilize all the resources of the server. However, with cloud servers, you are only required to pay for the resources your business website will use.

You won’t have to completely upgrade your package if you expect your website to receive an unusually high amount of traffic. All you’ll need to do is to upgrade your resources when the traffic is high and scale down when the levels go back to normal. Therefore, a cloud hosting server allows you to only pay for server you are using, other than having to pay a high hosting fee across the board for resources you won’t fully utilise. That’s why cloud hosting servers cost lower than traditional types of hosting servers.

Very Easy to Scale Server Resources

It is so much easier to scale your server resources with cloud hosting than other hosting styles. You’ll be able to track your site’s performance in real-time with most cloud servers through an intuitive site management dashboard. This dashboard also allows you to upgrade or downgrade server resources on the spot without having to wait for the hosting provider’s approval.

Redundant Server Environment

Most types of hosting use a single server to host your site. In the unfortunate event that the server goes down, your site will go offline and it wouldn’t be possible to get back online until they fix that server. But because cloud hosting offers a redundant server environment, your host will immediately load a concurrent live version of your website, therefore, making sure that your site continues to run smooth.

High Uptime and Availability

The uptime of a website that is using conventional hosting is determined by the physical server environment. This means that unless you are utilising a CDN to help reduce overall downtime, your site will go offline if the server does. 

What makes cloud hosting the best for avoiding website downtime is the fact that it has high uptime built into its structure. Because there are multiple servers in a cloud, your site will be simply transferred to another server if there is a problem with another one. Other than that, an unexpected surge in traffic won’t cause your site to go offline. This is because cloud hosting gives you the ability to scale server resources when need be.

Speedy Server Setup Process

It is relatively fast to set up a cloud hosting server when compared to a traditional type of hosting server. So, if you need your website online quickly and hassle-free, choose a cloud hosting server service provider.

Safety From Server Hardware Issues

A cloud hosting server solution offers more safety and security than traditional types of hosting servers. This is because your site will be isolated from any physical servers issues such as system overload, hacking, and hardware failure. In case a physical server experiences an issue or is compromised, you will be shifted to another server immediately, therefore, making sure that your website remains online.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that businesses can enjoy from cloud hosting. Even though it is not perfect for every website, those who need performance, control, and scalability at a reasonable price will love it. 

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